ASTOTEC - astonishing technologies

We know the power of customized technologies.
That’s why we focus on developing and supplying sophisticated igniters and effective pyrotechnics.

Mit Entwicklungen und Lösungen von ASTOTEC können wir innerhalb von Millisekunden Leben retten. Dieses Know-how gibt uns die Möglichkeit, die Gegenwart sicherer zu machen und Zukunft zu schaffen.

Taking safety one step further

ASTOTEC developments and solutions can help to save lives within milliseconds. Our knowledge and expertise give us the opportunity to create a safer world now, and in the future.

ASTOTEC works on the global megatrends in today’s automotive and industrial sectors and aims to help reduce the 1.35 million traffic fatalities each year. “Future powered by excellence” is much more than a slogan; it drives all our employees to deliver innovative ideas and outstanding precision work that really move society forward.

A responsibility to society

At ASTOTEC, corporate social responsibility is taken seriously: it means a true commitment to the company, people and the environment.

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