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What motivates ASTOTEC management.

Astotec Holding

We're not just imagining the future – we want to help shape it. Innovation and an openness to new ideas and solutions underpin all ASTOTEC products. Together with our customers, we want to solve the challenges of the future and help ensure the sustainable development of our plants and of society as a whole.

Astotec Metal Processing

Our values and culture, our skilled, experienced, expert employees, and the extensive opportunities available within our innovative industrial group are the cornerstones of our success.
Our strengths are developing and optimizing products together with our customers, and meeting demanding requirements with precision and a sense of responsibility.

Astotec Automotive

We develop solutions for our customers that help making their products, and the world, safer. This is what we advocate for and give 100% for every day.
"We create safety for the world in motion."

Franz Schneeberger Managing Director Astotec Automotive

We are passionate about innovation and are looking forward to shaping the future together with our partners.
As a result, we are always striving to improve our performance, processes, productivity and precision – from service to service, and product generation to product generation.

Stefan Eckhardt Managing Director Astotec Automotive

We are market leaders, because our outstanding employees continuously improve each and every element of the Quality-Customer-Cost triangle, always keeping in mind the company’s Values and Vision.

Gábor Retkes Managing Director Astotec Automotive Hungary

The company's management promotes corporate values, represented by responsibility, innovation and motivation. While meeting the set goals, sustainable development with regard to the region is a priority not only of the management. The experience and professionalism of the management provides a basis for long-term growth of the company with a clear vision.

Ivan Botek Managing Director Automotive Czech Republic

Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions

With our innovative pyrotechnic solutions, consistent focus on customers’ needs and great attention to technical detail, we are in a great position to tackle the latest challenges around pyrotechnic igniters, for the good of society as a whole.