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What motivates ASTOTEC management.

Astotec Automotive

Innovation and openness to new developments and solutions are the basis of our products, which make the world safer and therefore better every day. We address the global megatrends of the automotive industry and are market leaders because our employees improve every element of the quality-customer-cost triangle while always keeping the values and vision of our company in mind.

Manfred Pock and Stefan Eckhardt Management Astotec Automotive

We are market leaders, because our outstanding employees continuously improve each and every element of the Quality-Customer-Cost triangle, always keeping in mind the company’s Values and Vision.

Gábor Retkes and Zoltán Lukácsy Management Astotec Automotive Hungary

The company's management promotes corporate values, represented by responsibility, innovation and motivation. While meeting the set goals, sustainable development with regard to the region is a priority not only of the management. The experience and professionalism of the management provides a basis for long-term growth of the company with a clear vision.

Ivan Botek Managing Director Astotec Automotive Czech Republic

We are focused on building a safe, sustainable and successful future for our company, our customers and the society around us by delivering innovative solutions that save lives and empower the development of next-generation applications.

Aram Plans Managing Director Astotec Automotive China

Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions

With our innovative pyrotechnic solutions, consistent focus on customers’ needs and great attention to technical detail, we are in a great position to tackle the latest challenges around pyrotechnic igniters, for the good of society as a whole.