ASTOTEC - astonishing technologies

We keep our word

Our survival as a company depends on the trust our business partners, employees and the public put in ASTOTEC’s services and integrity. How we are perceived externally is the direct result of all our actions and behaviours.

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We respect others, fully

We employ people of all ages, beliefs, cultures, political and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, and skills and abilities. Promoting this diversity is hugely important to us and applies across all parts of the company.

We combat corruption

Here’s what we know: corruption is bad – for society, for our competitors and for our company. That’s why all our business relationships are built on transparent, objective criteria. We reject any form of support, financial or otherwise, that aims to gain an unfair advantage.

We do business fairly

Transparency and fairness are the foundations for the growth and development of our group and the market in the long term. We set out to achieve our company goals based on the same, honest principle, and taking into account all relevant rules around competition.