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As a global player in pedestrian and occupant safety as well as battery separators, Astotec Automotive works with premium OEMs and TIER 1 companies to develop highly innovative safety solutions. Our one-stop-shop is a supplier to a number of OEMs and TIER 1 companies and supports passenger safety with its highly integrated products – from igniters to airbag gas generators and more.

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Tailor-made pyrotechnic solutions: this is why Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions is one of the world’s major players in the development and manufacture of pyro igniters, as well as custom pyrotechnic solutions for safety systems and high-speed applications.

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Many renowned brands in the automotive, medical and electronics industries count on the precision and quality of Astotec Metal Processing. As a TIER 1 and TIER 2 supplier, we co-develop products, manufacture and finish them. Our work processes range from stamping, bending and according to a specific customer requirements such as welding and surface treatments.

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ASTOTEC – three business units, all of them leaders in their field. We serve the automotive market, the mining and explosives sectors, and special pyrotechnic applications beyond automotive safety. Using our experience and expertise, we help to save lives in milliseconds.

Our mission: Future powered by excellence

This guiding principle is what drives us to create innovative solutions that make the world a safer and better place every day.

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