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We understand that we have a huge responsibility towards environment and society– to ensure a long and successful future for all of us.

Because it's our future

For ASTOTEC, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means to operate sustainably. We can only ensure the long-term success of the company and add genuine value for both people and the planet if we give equal consideration to social, environmental and economic factors.

Support sustainable development

People Planet Profit
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ASTOTEC aims to foster sustainable development in a systematic approach. In order to deliver on our promise as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company, we launched a dedicated CSR programme in 2020 called “FAIR”. FAIR is a combination of the three pillars of sustainability: “People, Planet, Profit” and of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations (UN) – also known as the 2030 Agenda. This program enables us to combine a holistic approach with tangible goals that really promote sustainability.

Future We shape it

We do not leave our FUTURE to chance, we shape it.

Ambition We cultivate it

We unleash AMBITION in all our employees.

Innovation We champion it

INNOVATION drives tomorrow's success.

Responsibility We demsontrate it

We demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY towards people and planet.

To foster the strategic focus in terms of sustainability, three core SDGs – one SDG per sustainability dimension – were identified.

Save lives

In line with Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 (“Good health and well-being”), our product strategy is focused on life-saving and life-preserving products. This is especially a priority at Astotec Automotive, where our work is making a key contribution to pedestrian and passenger safety. The underlying core competencies are also transferable to other areas and products, for example, avalanche protection.

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

As per Sustainable Development Goal No. 13 (“Climate action”), our products are contributing to reductions in carbon emissions by supporting electric mobility, improving resource efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Promote sustainable growth

In accordance with Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 (“Decent work and economic growth”), we strive to achieve profitable growth along with financial stability. By continuously improving our financial performance through internationalization, product development, technology upgrades and innovation, we are safeguarding ASTOTEC’s viability and providing an attractive working environment for our employees.